Little Kitchen

by Sabrina Parrini

ISBN-10: 1616081880
ISBN-13: 9781616081881
Region: Australia
Publication Date: January, 2011
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About Little Kitchen

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Little Kitchen: 40 Delicious and Simple Things That Children Can Really Make

Little Kitchen is a beautifully designed and photographed collection of forty tried and true recipes for budding chefs. Author Sabrina Parrini takes aspiring young cooks through a plethora of sweet and savory recipes and helps them find the joy in every part of a meal, from buying and preparing the ingredients to cooking and then eating the finished product. With clear, step-by-step instructions, each recipe teaches young chefs how to make what they already love to eat and when to ask a grownup for help.

From quick after-school snacks to impressive dinners and sweet desserts, children will learn to create tasty, healthful meals and snacks. Included are recipes for: Little Egg and Bacon Breakfast Pies, Minestrone, Yummy Mini Burgers, Meatballs, Tutti Frutti Salad, Gingerbread Snowflakes, and more! With the addition of colorful and fun photos and helpful illustrations, your child will be able to take the lead in the kitchen and maybe even show you a thing or two.Easy-to-follow recipes to inspire a lifelong love of cooking!

Author Information

About Sabrina Parrini

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A love of ‘real’ food. A desire to nurture the magic of childhood. A weakness for all things whimsical, wholesome & playful.

Founded in 2004, Little Kitchen is a multi award-winning company & Australia’s FIRST lifestyle brand to solely design, manufacture & source fully-functional, child-friendly cookware.

With a background in teaching Early Childhood, Sabrina now regularly features in cooking demonstrations at major Australian food festivals & has recently become a published children’s cookbook author.

Little Kitchen’s ‘child inspired cookware’ is available exclusively through this website.

The beautiful, first ‘Little Kitchen’ cookbook is now available world-wide!

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