Alan Dunn’s Sugarcraft Flower Arranging

by Alan Dunn

ISBN-10: 1847734413
ISBN-13: 9781847734419
Region: British
Publication Date: September, 2009
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About Alan Dunn’s Sugarcraft Flower Arranging

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Everyone has seen wedding, birthday, and anniversary cakes decorated with sugar flowers. But Alan Dunn carries this familiar craft to a degree of artistic perfection that’s breathtaking. Now he shares his secrets, providing home bakers with instructions for making the botanically accurate floral designs that have made him a world leader in his field. With plans for modeling 40 different species of flowers and plants, from golden gardenias to the blue butterfly bush, plus sprays and arrangements—along with plans for 14 cakes—this is the last word in the magical art of sugarcraft.

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About Alan Dunn

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My interest in cake decorating and sugarcraft started about twenty years ago although I think the seeds were planted much earlier as my Grandfather was a baker by trade so had grown up watching be cont.

 I taught myself initially from books and then attended several sugar flower classes. It was through these early classes that I was introduced to The British Sugarcraft Guild by my tutor Margaret Morland who was the secretary of the Northumbria branch of the guild.

I then went on to study the City and Guilds Bakery and Flour Confectionery Courses 120 and 121. It was during this period aged 17, that I gave my very first demonstration to the Gateshead Branch of The British Sugarcraft Guild. I soon realised that I enjoyed demonstrating and teaching as much as the craft itself - and it was not long before the word had spread around the country to other branches of the guild. It was also during this early stage that I trained to became an accredited demonstrator for the guild.

 At around the same time I was lucky enough to attend a class by Tombi Peck, a founder member of the Guild and author of one of the books I had been teaching myself from. I attended several of Tombi’s classes and gradually we became great friends.

I have taught extensively throughout the Uk, and in also in America, Canada, Japan, Holland, Sweden, The Channel Islands, Brazil, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. My work can often be seen on display on the Table of Honour at sugarcraft exhibitions.

I have written eight books on the art of flowermaking and cake decorating with a ninth title to be published in 2010- Celebration Cakes....  and co-authored another three books with tombi Peck and Tony Warren. I have also had numerous articles over the years published in the The British Sugarcraft Guild newsletter, Squires Kitchen magazine and Cake Craft magazine.

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