Quick and Easy 20-minute Meals in Colour

by Catherine Atkinson

ISBN-10: 0572034865
ISBN-13: 9780572034863
Region: British
Publisher: Foulsham
Publication Date: September, 2008
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About Quick and Easy 20-minute Meals in Colour

Publisher Web Link: http://www.foulsham.com/

Everyone is talking about healthier eating - but we are all so busy that cooking has lost its place in our busy lifestyles. This brilliant book shows you that you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen in order to make healthy and delicious meals for yourself and your family. And once you get into the habit of healthy eating, you’ll not look back at those fat-laden and nutritionally empty ready-mades you thought were the only quick option. Here you’ll find healthy meals that take only minutes to prepare - stylish and modern eating with real goodness and flavour that’s also fast and easy.

Author Information

About Catherine Atkinson

Catherine Atkinson has always had a passionate interest in cooking and works as a full-time writer and consultant, contributing to various food and lifestyle magazines, and producing many outstanding cookbooks. Her other published works include: The World Encyclopedia of Coffee and The Complete Art of Pastry Making.

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