The Classic Casseroles for Your Slow Cooker

by Catherine Atkinson

ISBN-10: 0572035411
ISBN-13: 9780572035419
Region: British
Publisher: Foulsham
Publication Date: April, 2010
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About The Classic Casseroles for Your Slow Cooker

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The slow cooker brings out the hidden depth of flavours. The sweetness of the vegetables is enhanced and the tenderness of the meats becomes remarkable. This is great eating - for every day, weekends or holidays. Just take your pick to suit your mood or the season - Simple Irish Stew - Coq au Vin - Easy Beef Stroganoff - Bouillabaisse - Sweet and Sour Pork - Chicken Gumbo - Lancashire Hot-pot - Boston Baked Beans. Fabulous food and great eating on every page.

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About Catherine Atkinson

Catherine Atkinson has always had a passionate interest in cooking and works as a full-time writer and consultant, contributing to various food and lifestyle magazines, and producing many outstanding cookbooks. Her other published works include: The World Encyclopedia of Coffee and The Complete Art of Pastry Making.

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