Two-Hour Party Cakes: 30 Cakes To Decorate in Two Hours or Less

by Carol Deacon

ISBN-10: 1843306824
ISBN-13: 9781843306825
Region: USA
Publication Date: March, 2004
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About Two-Hour Party Cakes: 30 Cakes To Decorate in Two Hours or Less

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Nothing beats one of these 30 great cakes for making a birthday party, anniversary celebration, or festive gathering extra-special. And, they’re easy, too, all designed to take no more than 2 hours from start to finish. So, if you’re hoping to deliver a delicious dessert without spending ages mixing and measuring, try a fairy tale castle with marshmallows and ice-cream cones; an iced sponge cake topped with wild animals; a Birthday Fairy pudding cake; a Christmas Santas fruitcake; or a Lovebirds cake with a chocolate nest. There’s a recipe for almost any occasion—even a Football Fan cake for the Super Bowl.

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About Carol Deacon

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Carol originally trained in Graphic Design and worked for a number of years as an art director in advertising. Then one day a friend asked her to make her a birthday cake…

Sally the dear friend in question, had for reasons that have been lost in the mists of time been saddled with the unfortunate nickname of “frog” whilst she and Carol were at school. Carol discovered a packet of sugarpaste in her local supermarket and created an experimental icing frog.

Carol was unsure at this time how sugarpaste would react to different situations. Her then flatmates became used to seeing the frog prototype appearing in various places around the flat – In the fridge (he became gooey). On the windowsill (he began to fade). In the freezer (he just didn’t).

In the end he just vanished – Carol suspects he came to a sticky end – the victim of a hungry flatmate after a night out on the town but his descendant graced Sally’s birthday cake with aplomb and Carol embarked on a new hobby.

After a few months of baking and decorating cakes, Carol left advertising and went to work at Jane Asher’s Cake shop in Chelsea for a year.

She also began to enter competitions to see how her work compared to others around the country and promptly won a car in a BBC Good Food Magazine cake decorating competition with a saucy seaside cake.

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