Wines of South America

by Monty Waldin

ISBN-10: 1840006099
ISBN-13: 9781840006094
Publisher: Mitchell Beazley
Publication Date: July, 2006
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About Wines of South America

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How have wineries become so much more than mere production facilities, bringing wine to life in some of the world’s most striking architecture? Award-winning wine writer Peter Richards has traveled and researched extensively to uncover the intriguing story of iconic wineries around the world and how they came to be as they are. He takes readers on a visual tour of 80 of the world’s most striking, fascinating, and impressive wineries, from seventeen wine countries and regions. In addition to discussing both wine and architecture, he includes producer fact boxes with contact details, wine tips, and visitor information, plus a world map that makes locating the wineries easy. With more than 200 inspiring color photographs, this is an illuminating book for wine lovers, armchair tourists, and travelers.

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About Monty Waldin

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Monty Waldin is an expert on organic wines.

In 2008, Channel Four announced that Monty Waldin would feature in a series where he sets about producing biodynamic wine in France, after renting a vineyard in the Roussillon region.

During the process, Monty Waldin plus donkey is sometimes joined by his girlfriend, Silvana.

Monty Waldin has not only worked in wine production, but has written extensively about wine.

His books include Biodynamic Wines, which was published in 2004 by Mitchell Beazley as part of its Classic Wine Library series.

Monty Waldin’s Wines of South Africa won the 2004 James Beard Foundation award for best wine and spirits book.

Monty Waldin also wrote the first comprehensive guide in Britain to organic and biodynamic wine, The Friends of the Earth Organic Wine Guide, which features more than 2,000 organic wines.

Monty Waldin is a regular contributor to The Ecologist.

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