Southern Plate

by Christy Jordan

ISBN-10: 0061991015
ISBN-13: 9780061991011
Publication Date: October, 2010
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Classic Comfort Food That Makes Everyone Feel Like Family

My name is Christy Jordan and I like to feed people.

I come from a long line of Southern cooks who taught me home cooking is best, life is good, and there is always something to be grateful for. I created Southern Plate so that I could share the recipes and stories that have been passed down through my family for more than nine generations.

You won’t find fancy food or new-fangled recipes in this cookbook—just easy, no-fuss Southern favorites such as Chicken and Dumplings, Homemade Banana Pudding, Aunt Looney’s Macaroni Salad, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Daddy’s Rise-and-Shine Biscuits. (I want to make one thing as clear as possible: How your mama made it is the right way! I’m going to bring it to you how my mama made it, which is the only right way for me.)

These stories and recipes come from my heart. They are a gift from my ancestors, but the ability to have them heard is a gift from you. Take a seat at the Southern Plate table; you’re with family now. (

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About Christy Jordan

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They say you can tell a Southerner by how they remember every experience based on what food they had.

“How was your trip?”

“Oh, it was wonderful. We had the best peach cobbler…”

History has wired Southerners to think this way. We relate our experiences to what was served, what was prepared… Celebrations center around dishes steeped in tradition and memories of Great Granny preparing her special rolls or pie.

I spent my childhood hearing stories from my great grandmother about a lifetime of sharecropping. They lived in little shack houses provided by land owners where, as a child, my grandmother planted and raised cotton in exchange for lodging and a few monthly staples such as a 25-pound sack of flour and dried beans. Still, their childhood was filled with memories of wonderful food, thanks to the tradition of great Southern cooks having been firmly embedded in the family root system generations earlier when they were among the first to settle the Tennessee Valley.

Generations later, I’m a Home Ec degreed busy mom and wife working from home with my laptop on the kitchen counter and my phone to my ear as I try to build a business which I had originally begun purely as a hobby. My days are spent responding to hundreds of emails, taking photographs of food, writing columns for newspapers and magazines, managing a website with over 7 million page views per month, and trying to wrangle in time to talk on the phone to food industry execs without my daughter screaming “come wipe me!” in the background.

I wake up singing and hit the ground running. My day seems to start without me and I spend the rest of it trying to catch up with my own life and loving every stinking second of it. I have two great kids who alternate between making me laugh and want to pull my hair out, but we mostly laugh – together.

I am grateful for every single person who takes the time out of their busy lives to read Southern Plate. I love comments on my posts and I am THRILLED when someone tries a recipe and reports back! Thank you all so much for the daily smiles you bring to me, I hope to send a few your way in the process.




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