by Peter Gilmore

ISBN-10: 1741964873
ISBN-13: 9781741964875
Region: Australia
Publisher: Murdoch Books
Publication Date: October, 2010
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About Quay

Publisher Web Link: http://www.murdochbooks.com.au/

From the culinary genius Peter Gilmore, one of the top 50 chefs in the world, comes this much anticipated book. Quay’s stunning design and photography perfectly echoes Peter’s nature-based philosophy and the organic presentation that is synonymous with the fine dining experience at Quay. Peter’s recipes, including the irresistible eight-textured chocolate cake and his signature iridescent sea pearls, will take you on an inspirational adventure, exploring flavour, texture and technique. Start with a single component, build to a show-stopping dish, or simply enjoy the visual and culinary journey.

Author Information

About Peter Gilmore

Author Web Link: http://www.quay.com.au/

At Quay, our passion is to deliver a truly unique dining experience, one which is completely removed from the everyday.  Whether it be Peter Gilmore’s incredible food, with its exploration of the harmonies of flavours and contrasts in textures, with its rare ingredients and its incredible beauty on the plate. Or our wines, which we source from all over the world and invest great energy into creating extraordinary matches with our award-winning cuisine. Or our staff, whose sole aim is to create for you a seamless, perfect experience and to open you up to the possibilities that Quay has to offer.

Cookbooks by Peter Gilmore

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