Princess Sweets & Treats Cookbook & Apron: 20 Magical & Easy Recipes

by Genevieve Ko Sweet

ISBN-10: 1602141312
ISBN-13: 9781602141315
Region: USA
Publication Date: November, 2010
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About Princess Sweets & Treats Cookbook & Apron: 20 Magical & Easy Recipes

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Young princesses will tip their tiaras to the deliciously doable recipes in this cookbook and apron set.  Princess Sweets and Treats: 20 Magical & Easy Recipes Plus Apron includes recipes fit for budding royalty, plus a very fashionable apron to wear while whipping up the latest dish.

Each recipe, from Dazzling Crowns and Cutie Cupcake Cones to Sticky Star Wands, is written especially for chefs ages three and up with simple steps that require very minimal help from adults.  The easel format allows the cookbook to be propped up for easy referencing while cooking.

Almost all of the recipes can be done without using an oven.  All you need is a sweet tooth and some imagination!  Every girl who dreams of being a princess can now have recipes fit for one, too!

Author Information

About Genevieve Ko Sweet

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Genevieve Ko Sweet is a cookbook author and Senior Food Editor at Good Housekeeping. She has worked as an editor at Martha Stewart Living and with the world-renowned Mark Bittman and chefs Pichet Ong and Jean-Georges Vongrichten. She lives in New York City with her husband and three precious princesses.

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