by Greg Doyle, Grant King, Katrina Kanetani

ISBN-10: 1921259043
ISBN-13: 9781921259043
Region: Australia
Publisher: Murdoch Books
Publication Date: December, 1969
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Publisher Web Link: http://www.murdochbooks.com.au/

Pier: A Unique Australian Seafood Experience

Greg Doyle’s Pier, a Sydney institution, is internationally renowned and awarded as one of 
Australia's finest seafood restaurants. In Pier, chefs Greg Doyle and Grant King and pastry 
chef Katrina Kanetani, offer 99 of the restaurant's signature dishes, using only the very best 
seasonal produce in innovative ways. All feature the freshness, delicacy and restraint that are 
hallmarks of the Pier style.

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Author Web Link: http://www.pierrestaurant.com.au/

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