Noble Rot: A Bordeaux Wine Revolution

by William Echikson

ISBN-10: 0393326942
ISBN-13: 9780393326949
Region: France
Publisher: W. W. Norton
Publication Date: January, 2006
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About Noble Rot: A Bordeaux Wine Revolution

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For wine lovers the world over, Bordeaux is the center of the universe. But in the past two decades, revolutionaries have stormed its traditional bastions, making their mark—and their fortunes—modernizing the production and marketing of wine. Noble Rot introduces us to the figures who epitomize the changes sweeping Bordeaux—the noble family behind Château d’Yquem; a stonemason turned winemaker whose wine, made in a garage, sells for $100 a bottle; the Maryland-based critic Robert Parker, whose opinion routinely makes or breaks a wine; the New World operations that have used branding to undercut Bordeaux’s supremacy—and delves into the mysteries of the legendary classification of 1855.

Author Information

About William Echikson

William Echikson is the author of three books, worked for more than two and a half decades as a journalist and directs European Union communications for Google. He began his career in Paris with the Christian Science Monitor, covering Western Europe from 1981-1985, followed by Eastern Europe from 1985-1990. He completed a Harvard University fellowship and published his first book, “Lighting the Night: Revolution in Eastern Europe,” in 1990. Since then, Echikson has worked as a staff correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, FORTUNE, and BusinessWeek.  From 2001 until 2006, he served as bureau chief for the Dow Jones Newswires office in Brussels. His freelance articles have appeared in publications ranging from Gourmet, the Wine Spectator to the New Yorker. Echikson has published two books on food and wine: “Burgundy Stars,” in 1994 about the quest of a top-flight French chef for perfection, and in 2004, “Noble Rot: A Bordeaux Wine Revolution,” about the changes in Bordeaux winemaking over the past two decades. His television experience includes producing and researching documentaries and 36 cooking shows on European gastronomy for America’s Public Broadcasting Service. Echikson lately has turned his attention to golf, writing frequently on the subject for the Wall Street Journal and other publications. His upcoming book, “Tiger Cubs: How Golf’s Obsessed New Generation is Transforming a Country Club Sport,” will be published by Public Affairs in May 2009. He is a Yale College graduate.

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