From Nature To Plate

by Tom Kitchin

ISBN-10: 029785593X
ISBN-13: 9780297855934
Region: British
Publication Date: May, 2010
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From Nature To Plate: Seasonal Recipes from The Kitchin

The Kitchin opened in June 2006. Six months later, it earned a Michelin star, the fastest to be awarded. It was voted Restaurant of the Year 2007 by The List Magazine, and Tom Kitchin is Scottish Chef of the Year 2007. His unique marriage of seasonal Scottish produce with the classical French technique has universal application. Edinburgh-born, Tom has spent more than 10 years working alongside three star chefs Pierre Koffman at La Tante Claire, Guy Savoy in Paris and Alain Ducasse in Monte Carlo. He is totally committed to fresh seasonal ingredients, cooked simply, and the book will showcase the ingredients which are available and at their best each month of the calendar year.

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About Tom Kitchin

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Tom Kitchin demonstrates a culinary CV that extends from early training at the Gleneagles Hotel to experience harvested from some of the world’s most renowned chefs and restaurants, including Pierre Koffmann and the 3-star La Tante Claire restaurant in London and 3-star Michelin restaurant Guy Savoy in Paris. He also spent two years at Alain Ducasse’s Louis XV restaurant in Monte Carlo and went on to work as private executive chef for Lady Bamford and Sir Anthony.

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