My Grill

by Pete Evans

ISBN-10: 9781741965438
ISBN-13: 9781741965438
Region: Australia
Publisher: Murdoch Books
Publication Date: August, 2009
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About My Grill

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Chef, restaurateur and TV presenter Pete Evans is fired up about a subject very close to his, and every man’s, heart - the barbecue. Tongs in hand, Pete takes you through three chapters of sizzling recipes starting with a weekend away, through to a lazy afternoon barbecue, finishing with a more stylish evening affair. Each chapter also contains cocktails to add a little fuel to the fire.

Author Information

About Pete Evans

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Pete Evans has built a reputation as a chef, restaurateur, television presenter and (his personal favourite) fisherman. Pete’s award-winning restaurants include Hugo’s Manly, Hugo’s Bar Pizza and Hugo’s Lounge in Sydney and the Pantry in Brighton, Victoria. He presents Channel Nine’s daily food show ‘Fresh’ and his television work also includes the series ‘Fish’, sixty episodes of ‘Home’ for the Lifestyle Channel and a documentary, ‘Cooking for our Princess Mary’. Pete lives in Bondi with Astrid and their daughters, Chilli and Indii. My Table is his second book.

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