MasterChef Cookbook

by JoAnn Cianciulli

ISBN-10: 1605291234
ISBN-13: 9781605291239
Region: USA
Publisher: Rodale Books
Publication Date: August, 2010
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About MasterChef Cookbook

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In the nationwide search for America’s best amateur chef, thousands of home cooks from across the country created their signature dish for an awe-inspiring panel of judges. Doctors, businessmen, students, construction workers, and stay-at-home moms alike put their heart on the plate for a chance to become the country’s first-ever Master Chef.

From the Mississippi Delta to the Midwest, exotic ethnic dishes to all-American staples, these talented home cooks showed the judges—and the world—what this country is really cooking. Now you can cook with the contestants and judges in your very own kitchen with the MasterChef Cookbook. Learn how to master the basic skills that define any chef; discover an exciting array of ingredients that will inspire new creations; and find out what the judges would have cooked if they were given the same challenges faced by the contestants.

From Cinnamon-Orange French Toast to Vietnamese Chicken and Rice; Southern-Fried Pork Chop to New England–Style Bouillabaisse; Bittersweet Chocolate Soufflé to Flaky Apple Pie, the MasterChef Cookbook offers more than 80 savory, sweet, and scrumptious recipes that prove some of the nation’s most delicious food comes from its most humble kitchens.

Author Information

About JoAnn Cianciulli

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Cook, culinary producer, and author, JoAnn Cianciulli (chan-chew-lee) has become known as one of the food industry’s top insiders. A pioneer in her field, Cianciulli’s experience ranges from co-creating and producing old-school Food Network shows such as Food 911 with Tyler Florence, co-authoring cookbooks with world-renowned chefs like Michael Mina, serving as an industry expert on television shows including Bravo’s Top Chef Masters and most recently, as author of her own cookbooks, L.A.’s Original Farmers Market Cookbook and The MasterChef Cookbook.

A witty, whirling-dervish hailing from New York, Cianciulli grew up in an Italian-American restaurant family where she began her appreciation for food when her father Dominic took over acclaimed chef/restaurateur Lidia Bastianich’s first restaurant, Buonavia, in Queens. Translated, the restaurant name means, “the good way,” which has become Cianciulli’s mantra ever since.

Cianciulli earned her stripes in the world of culinary media in the same fashion that great chefs achieve theirs: from the ground up. After studying at NYU’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts for her BFA in Film and Television, Cianciulli relocated to Los Angeles to work in feature film production. It wasn’t long before she created her niche of the delicious combination of food and entertainment.

With over 10 years of experience, Cianciulli has fed America’s growing appetite for celebrity chefs and combined culinary expertise with production experience to create a new generation of cooking shows. Cianciulli was instrumental in creating the food television phenomenon as it exists today via her role as producer for innovative Food Network programming such as the wildly popular series Food 911 with Tyler Florence, Tyler’s Ultimate, Simply Delicioso with Ingrid Hoffmann, and Next Iron Chef.

In addition to over 1,000 episodes filmed with the now-iconic network, Cianciulli is currently producing Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen for SyFy and was producer of MasterChef with Gordon Ramsay, which she complemented by writing the companion cookbook to launch with the show. She has also produced Bravo’s hit series Top Chef Los Angeles, the NBC primetime special Celebrity Cooking Showdown, Shopping with Chefs on Fine Living and Cooking Under Fire on PBS. Taking her telegenic personality and to-the-point culinary expertise to the next level, Cianciulli has also appeared on-camera as a food authority and personal chef on TLC’s For Better or for Worse and was an invited guest panelist on Bravo’s series, Top Chef Masters.

It is her reputation and connections made during her tenure with such successful television productions that led to high profile cookbook collaborations including Tyler Florence’s Real Kitchen, Aaron Sanchez’s La Comida del Barrio, the Lever House Cookbook with chef Dan Silverman and the acclaimed debut book for James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Mina. She is currently co-authoring Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, with Miami star chef Michael Schwartz due for release February 2011.

Cianciulli’s fusion of writing, recipe structure, vast culinary knowledge and an intimate understanding of the creative complexity of chefs has uniquely positioned her as a pioneer who has created a new genre of food personality for the 21st century. An accomplished gourmet in her own right, Cianciulli’s greatest gift is her innate ability to translate the intricate passion of a chef to an accessible and appealing concept for the home viewer or reader. Although a die hard New Yorker, Cianciulli has lived in Los Angeles for over a decade because juicy tomatoes are available year round. (

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