Maggie’s Kitchen

by Maggie Beer

ISBN-10: 1921382023
ISBN-13: 9781921382024
Region: Australia
Publisher: Michael Joseph
Publication Date: July, 2019
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About Maggie’s Kitchen

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Maggie Beer is an enthusiastic advocate of cooking with fresh, seasonal and local produce. Here she generously shares 120 of her delicious recipes, covering everything from salads and side dishes to substantial main meals and desserts.

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About Maggie Beer

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In 1978, Colin Beer was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study game bird breeding in Europe and America. This was the impetus for the establishment of the Pheasant Farm Restaurant.

Maggie and Colin first opened the Farm Shop to sell direct to the public. This became the Pheasant Farm Restaurant which was a showcase for Colin’s game birds.

Maggie had become something of an expert in the cooking and preparation of the game and so started a food career that has spanned 25 years.

The Pheasant Farm Restaurant won a string of awards culminating in the 1991 Remy Martin Cognac/Australian Gourmet Traveller Restaurant of the Year. The highest award given in the industry in Australia.

The food distribution business commenced in 1984 with what had become one of the restaurant’s signature dishes "Pheasant Farm Pate". The Verjuice first made commercially that year was also available but took another 10 years to be a truly important product when new packaging was used telling the story of Verjuice and giving recipes and instructions for use.

Customers were found in all states of Australia and soon the word was spreading and distributors were appointed to cope with the ever increasing demand.

An export accredited kitchen was built in 1996 with the view to establishing export markets for the pate range. The company’s list of products has expanded to include ranges of jam, olive oil, vino cotto, ice cream, sugo and fruit pastes, amongst others, and continues to grow each season.

The business is based in Tanunda, in the heart of the famous Barossa Valley and the brand is ranged in specialty food stores all over the globe. (

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