Jessica’s Raw Chocolate Recipes: An Introduction to Raw Food Through the Seductive Power of Chocolate

by Jessica Fenton

ISBN-10: 1907332715
ISBN-13: 9781907332715
Region: British
Publisher: The Ivy Press
Publication Date: April, 2011
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Publishers Information

About Jessica’s Raw Chocolate Recipes: An Introduction to Raw Food Through the Seductive Power of Chocolate

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Raw chocolate is the new Green & Blacks, a delicious superfood with proven health benefits and a fast-growing following of devotees. Jessica’s Raw Chocolate Recipes is an informative and inspirational cookbook that explains and outlines this exciting phenomenon. Recipes and nutrition tips will empower readers to create healthy, quick-and-easy raw chocolate inventions in the comfort of their own kitchen. 

Author Information

About Jessica Fenton

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Jessica is a popular journalist, columnist, published author,  presenter and natural health expert. Although she is first and foremost a caring mother who wants to share her experiences of raising an organic family with you.

Her work features frequently in the national media and she has  contributed to ITV News, Channel 5 News, BBC, C4, GMTV, Tiscali TV, The Daily Mail, Natural Health, The Green Parent, Lifescape, Off The Hoof, The Vegan, Eco Niche, Get Fresh, Funky Raw, Limited Edition, Real, Top Sante, Beauty and Health and Juno. She has worked within the creative departments of several blue chip organisations such as Joe Malone (Estee Lauder) to inspire ethical, healthy living and raw chocolate of all things!

Leo Finley was born in March 2009 in Brighton, East Sussex where the family lives. Jessica’s husband Tom, and their Greek Belgian Shepard rescue dog, Kaiser, are valued members of the Fenton family.

Jessica and Tom are practising attachment parenting in an attempt to raise Leo in as natural way as possible. He was birthed naturally in a calm environment and he will continue to breastfeed until he decides to wean himself. He plays with the latest beautifully made wooden toys, is carried in a sling as much as possible and sleeps in the family bed. Leo usually wears organic cotton clothes and bamboo washable nappies. He thrives on a nutritionally dense diet of mostly raw, vegan food.

Jessica is also the founder of the hugely popular site Total Raw Food, which is a free online resource centre for the living food diet. The website sells a selection of her bestselling nutritional material such as her Delectable Desserts DVD, Total Raw Food Complete Beginners Guide, Raw Baby  and Christmas Raw Food Training ebooks.

Her published hard back ‘Jessica’s Raw Chocolate Recipes’ will be out in April 2011 and will be  available from leading stores such as Waterstones, WH Smiths and Amazon.

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