Jekka's Herb Cookbook

by Jekka McVicar

ISBN-10: 1554078148
ISBN-13: 9781554078141
Region: British
Publisher: Firefly Books
Publication Date: July, 2012
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Publishers Information

About Jekka's Herb Cookbook

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Jekka McVicar -- whom Jamie Oliver dubbed the “queen of herbs” -- has assembled a special collection of her top-50 favorite herbs. Each herb is described in detail, including its Latin and common names as well as:

    * Its botanical features and varieties

    * A history of the herb in cooking

    * How to harvest and use the herb

    * Non-culinary uses

    * The most important and useful varieties of that herb

    * Suggestions for using excess harvest

Jekka’s Herb Cookbook also features 250 original recipes that use her top-50 garden herbs. The recipes include:

    * Salads

    * Sandwiches

    * Stews

    * Beverages

    * Desserts

    * Meat

    * Poultry

    * Seafood dishes

    * Condiments and sauces

There are international recipes, such as salsa verde, and familiar favorites, such as caraway seed cake. Extraordinary color illustrations highlight McVicar’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic descriptions.

For cooks and herb gardeners, Jekka’s Herb Cookbook is a fascinating guide to using herbs in practical and inspiring recipes.

Author Information

About Jekka McVicar

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Crowned the ‘Queen of Herbs’ by Jamie Oliver and a Rick Stein’s food hero, Jekka McVicar’s passion for herbs started in early childhood when her mother taught her to make fresh mint sauce.

Jekka first started growing her own organic herbs in a small back garden in Bristol over 25 years ago, and organic herbs have been her life ever since. In 1987 Jekka and her family established Jekka’s Herb Farm, producing herbs for mail order, from its present location in South Gloucestershire.

Jekka has been awarded 62 RHS Gold Medals for her organic herb displays, including 14 at the Chelsea Flower Show.

As well as the day-to-day running of the farm, Jekka is also well-known for her regular appearances on TV and radio gardening and cookery broadcasts.

She is also an enthusiastic writer on herbs, having published five successful books: Jekka’s Complete Herb Book, Good Enough to Eat (reprinted as Cooking With Flowers), Seeds and the New Book of Herbs. Jekka’s Complete Herb Book and Seeds have recently been reprinted in association with the RHS. Jekka’s latest book, Jekka’s Herb Cookbook was published in June 2010.

Jekka is an elected member of the RHS Council, the governing body of the RHS responsible for its strategic direction, and sits on a number of RHS committees.

Jekka is also President of the West of England Herb Society.

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