It's All American Food: The Best Recipes for More Than 400 New American Classics

by David Rosengarten

ISBN-10: 0316053155
ISBN-13: 9780316053150
Region: USA
Publication Date: October, 2003
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About It's All American Food: The Best Recipes for More Than 400 New American Classics

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American food is no longer just steak, potatoes, and apple pie. Over the past 50 years, dishes that were once exotic have become essential parts of the American menu. Here, for the first time, David Rosengarten has created a definitive cookbook of truly American favorites, ranging from coast to coast, back into the past, and into the cuisines that have merged with the American mainstream in recent decades. Rosengarten places authentic Cajun recipes alongside the sizzling Cuban specialties of Miami. He unveils the mystery behind Philly cheesesteak sandwiches and Maryland crab cakes. He retrieves American classics like chicken pot pie and tuna melt from Junior League cookbooks and restores them to their glory. From breakfast, where he gives the secrets for perfect scrambled eggs, bacon, and hash browns, to an array of indulgent late night desserts, David Rosengarten has written an unpretentious and accessible adoration of the American kitchen. This celebration of our nation’s wonderfully varied cuisine belongs on every home cook’s bookshelf.

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About David Rosengarten

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Journalist, television personality, and cookbook author, David Rosengarten has covered great food products, restaurants, wines, beer, coffee and tea, gastronomic travel destinations, and related subjects for over 25 years. He has written hundreds of articles and contributed hundreds of original recipes to publications such as Gourmet (where he was Restaurant Critic from 1996 to 2000), The New York Times, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Harper’s Bazaar, Departures, The Wine Spectator and Newsday. David is perhaps best known for his work as the host of Taste, the award-winning Food Network television show devoted to the principles of good taste in food and wine.

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