The Italian Grill

by Micol Negrin

ISBN-10: 1400054222
ISBN-13: 9781400054220
Region: Italy
Publisher: Clarkson Potter
Publication Date: May, 2005
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RUSTICO COOKING was launched in 2002 by Milan-born Micol Negrin. After obtaining a Psychology Degree at McGill University despite gnawing doubts that what she really wanted to do was to cook, Micol decided to take the plunge and enrolled in culinary school. With a degree from Canada’s premier culinary academy, L’Institut du Tourisme et de l’Hotellerie du Quebec, Micol moved to New York City and became the Editor and chief writer for The Magazine of La Cucina Italiana. For six years, until she resigned, Micol wrote and edited full-time... but in her heart, she knew she wanted to be back behind the stove, cooking for people who wanted to experience a true taste of Italy and teaching Italian cooking to anyone eager to roll up their sleeves.

And so, once again, Micol followed her dreams. In April 2002, she started teaching Italian cooking in NYC. Then, in January 2005, she opened a state-of-the-art cooking loft in Midtown Manhattan, where she hosts cooking classes, wine tastings,cooking parties and team-building events.

Author of two highly acclaimed cookbooks (the James Beard-nominated Rustico: Regional Italian Country Cooking and The Italian Grill, both published by Clarkson Potter), Micol is not only a skilled Italian chef, but an accomplished writer and well-respected authority on Italian cuisine. She teaches Italian cooking across North America and has written for major publications (including Cooking Light andBon Appetit).

Micol’s husband, Dino De Angelis, earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from McGill University in Montreal. The couple moved to NYC in 1995, when Dino was hired to do cutting-edge biomedical research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. During the summers, Dino took time off from research to photograph Italian food and landscapes for Micol’s cookbooks and magazine articles. In 2006, Dino decided to take a plunge himself, and went into the family business full time. Dino designed the Rustico Cooking web site and is the webmaster, and teaches at RUSTICO COOKING.

After years of traveling across Italy in search of its most beguiling landscapes, heirloom recipes, and passionate cooks, Micol and Dino designed unique week-long culinary trips of their favorite Italian regions for small groups of Italian food and wine lovers. They also welcome guests and students to their NYC cooking loft with trademark Italian hospitality, sharing the joys of great food and wine around a convivial table. (

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