The Illustrated Guide to Pastry and Patisserie

by Catherine Atkinson

ISBN-10: 0754823423
ISBN-13: 9780754823421
Region: British
Publisher: Lorenz Books
Publication Date: February, 2016
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About The Illustrated Guide to Pastry and Patisserie

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This is the home cook’s bible with step-by-step techniques, over 330 foolproof recipes and 1500 easy-to-follow photographs. It is an all-encompassing guide to making pastry, with over 90 step-by-step sequences covering every pastry technique from kneading and shaping to preparing fillings and decorative toppings. It includes a fabulous selection of pastry dishes made up of traditional classics from all around the world as well as innovative and contemporary creations. Choose from well-loved dishes that include Cornish Pasties, Chicken and Mushroom Pie and Baked Apple Dumplings, or experiment with more flamboyant ideas for special occasions such as Potato and Leek Filo Pie, Ratatouille and Fontina Strudel or Italian Chocolate Ricotta Tart. A comprehensive introduction includes all the information you need to make any type of pastry and pie at home, from simple shortcrust, wholemeal and French flan pastry to puff, choux and strudel. Pastry is an essential component of many well-loved dishes, from savoury tartlets and crusted pies to sweet choux pastries and baked fruit dumplings. Here are all the classic techniques and recipes in one indispensable volume. The introduction gives advice on the basic equipment and easy-to-follow methods for making, shaping, decorating and baking all kinds of pastry, including shortcrust, wholemeal, suet, cornmeal, puff, flaky, choux and strudel. Pastry is best made with cold hands and chilled equipment. Making home-baked pastries, however, will create memorable dishes to warm the hearts and spirits of those eating in your home. Comprehensive techniques, 330 pastry recipes and more than 1500 stunning photographs will ensure that no page is left unturned.

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About Catherine Atkinson

Catherine Atkinson has always had a passionate interest in cooking and works as a full-time writer and consultant, contributing to various food and lifestyle magazines, and producing many outstanding cookbooks. Her other published works include: The World Encyclopedia of Coffee and The Complete Art of Pastry Making.

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