Home Smoking and Curing

by Keith Erlandson

ISBN-10: 0091927609
ISBN-13: 9780091927608
Region: British
Publisher: Ebury Press
Publication Date: June, 2009
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Publisher Web Link: http://www.eburypublishing.co.uk/

Home Smoking and Curing introduces an inspirational method of retaining and enhancing the subtle flavours of fresh fish and game. With clear and simple instructions backed up by diagrams, Keith Erlandson leads you through the basic techniques of smoking food. Whether you’re looking to prepare your own smoked salmon and bacon, or create some really impressive dishes for entertaining, Home Smoking and Curing will guide you through the processes. With delicious recipes ranging from smoked rabbit pie to smoked oysters and venison, there are dishes for every occasion. In addition it contains:

  • Advice on choosing raw ingredients
  • Making the most of meats in season
  • Easy to follow instructions for building your own kiln
  • Useful information on commercial smokers

First published in 1977 and never out of print, this classic guide has introduced thousands of home cooks to the pleasures of smoking and curing food. Full of well-tested methods and reliable advice, this book offers a wealth of information for amateur chefs and gourmets alike.


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