Home-made Pickles, Chutney, Relishes and Sauces

by Catherine Atkinson

ISBN-10: 1844768120
ISBN-13: 9781844768127
Region: British
Publisher: Southwater
Publication Date: April, 2011
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About Home-made Pickles, Chutney, Relishes and Sauces

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Preserving fruit and vegetables as pickles, jellies, chutneys and relishes is an age-old technique that enabled the storage of fresh produce in a form that would last through the cold winters when fresh food was scarce. Nowadays pickling and preservation forms part of a nostalgic shift to a simpler, healthy, self-sufficient life, and a rejection of the many artificial flavourings found in shop-bought varieties.

A short introduction shows the process and popularity of preserving, whether by heat sterilization or by drying, salting, or adding sugar, vinegar or alcohol. Over 65 recipes are then shown in chapters on Pickles, Chutneys, Relishes, Savoury Jellies, and Sauces and Mustards. Such a comprehensive selection will spice up any number of everyday and special occasion meals. Recipes include traditional English pickled onions to serve with cold meats, bread and cheese; Kashmir chutney to enjoy with sausages or ham; Cranberry and red onion relish to enhance a traditional roast turkey; Quince and rosemary jelly to give sparkle to meats; and Pate and mint sauce to counter the rich flavour of roast lamb.

With over 65 recipes and 230 colour images, this is a must-have purchase for those who want to fill their store cupboard with tangy, fruity preserves. Each one can be brought out at key moments to give the perfect accompanying zing to a snack or meal.

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About Catherine Atkinson

Catherine Atkinson has always had a passionate interest in cooking and works as a full-time writer and consultant, contributing to various food and lifestyle magazines, and producing many outstanding cookbooks. Her other published works include: The World Encyclopedia of Coffee and The Complete Art of Pastry Making.

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