Fresh Food Fast

by Peter Berley

ISBN-10: 0060515147
ISBN-13: 9780060515140
Region: USA
Publication Date: June, 2004
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About Fresh Food Fast

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Fresh Food Fast: Delicious, Seasonal Vegetarian Meals in Under an Hour

From award-winning chef Peter Berley: mouthwatering seasonal vegetarian menus that can be created in under an hour. Sophisticated, home-cooked vegetarian meals without the fuss. Is that too much to ask? Absolutely not.

True to his roots as a restaurant chef, cooking teacher, and family man, award-winning vegetarian chef Peter Berley has a passion for meals that taste incredible, salute the seasons, and are easy to prepare in under an hour. In Fresh Food Fast, he provides forty-eight meals - twelve for each season - including recipes, a shopping list, an equipment list, and a game plan that takes you step-by-step through the menu.

Included are substantial, satisfying meals that will bring pleasure to vegetarians and omnivores alike:

  • Spring bibb lettuce and radish salad with creme fraiche citronette braised spring vegetables with grits, poached eggs, and chives
  • Summer spicy corn frittata with tomatoes and scallions cucumber salad
  • Fall pasta with spicy cauliflower, chickpeas, and cherry tomatoes pan-grilled radicchio salad with honey-balsamic glaze over frisee
  • Winter balsamic-roasted seitan with cipollini onions garlic mashed potatoes and parsnips

Berley also provides delectable dessert recipes for each season, including spring’s Warm Honey Lemon Curd over Strawberries, summer’s Blueberry-Nectarine Crisp, fall’s Roasted Grapes with Red Wine, and winter’s Caramelized Bananas with Blood Orange and Pistachio.

In a world where fast food is generally prepackaged and second-rate, Peter Berley teaches us how we can live without compromise and enjoy fresh, wholesome meals any night of the week as we connect with family and friends.

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About Peter Berley

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Peter Berley is a working chef, cookbook author, and culinary instructor. Peter’s foremost concern is the development of local sustainable food systems and the fate of  home cooking in America. Former executive chef of the world-renowned Angelica Kitchen restaurant in New York City, he is Chef at The Culinary Loft in NYC, holds classes at The Institute of Culinary Education and The Natural Gourmet Institute and works as a personal chef in East Hampton in the summer.

Berley has contributed to Edible Brooklyn, Food and Wine, Bon Appetit, Everyday with Rachel Ray, Natural Health, Cooking Light, and Fine Cooking magazines.

His ground breaking “The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen” received both James Beard and IACP Awards. A second book “Fresh Food Fast” was chosen as one of the 25 Best of 2005 by Food and Wine Magazine.

“The Flexitarian Table; Inspired Flexible Meals for Vegetarians, Meat lovers and Everyone In Between,” was released in 2007.

He can be seen in Vegetarian Cooking segments of Conscious Cuisine series for the Food

Peter cooks, bakes bread, and pickles vegetables for family and friends in his home in Brooklyn, New York.

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