French Lessons

by Justin North

ISBN-10: 1740665376
ISBN-13: 9781740665377
Region: Australia
Publication Date: October, 2008
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About French Lessons

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French Lessons: Recipes and Techniques for a New Generation of Cooks

French Lessons is a comprehensive and beautifully illustrated guide to mastering French cooking from on of Australia’s most popular and innovative chefs. Drawing on his training and experience in the kitchens of French restaurants in Europe and Australia, Justin North demystifies French cooking, explaining each technique in clear language as he guides home cooks through each recipe. A guide to the basics - essential ingredients and equipment - guides readers to the heart of the book: 23 individual lessons, each based on a particular course or technique. Chapters include basic Stocks and Soups, Sauces and Pastries, and also Steaming, Poaching, Braising, Grilling and Frying. Sweeter courses are Sorbets and Ice Creams, Fruit and Chocolate. With more than 300 simple and straightforward recipes, French Lessons is a musthave for every kitchen bench top.

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About Justin North

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Justin North was born in New Zealand in 1975. At the tender age of 15 he left home in Blenheim for Wellington to begin his career in cooking. As an Apprentice, he scooped about every award available, including, in 1994, the much-coveted New Zealand Apprentice Chef of the Year. In 1993, having been a chef for 18 short months he pipped hundreds of others, many much more experienced, to attain the title of Commis Chef of the Nation at the Culinary Olympics.

Justin’s next move was to Sydney to work at Gekko Restaurant in one of the cities top hotels, the Park Lane. He then joined Liam Tomlin and Dietmar Sawyere at the acclaimed Brassiere Cassis as Chef de Partie. A very successful year followed, during which any spare time was spent making the contacts and applications necessary to procure a place in the kitchen of one of Europe’s greatest chefs, Raymond Blanc. Justin’s rise within the huge kitchens of Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons was meteoric. At 22 he was Mr Blanc’s youngest ever 2nd Sous Chef and voted employee of the year from a staff of almost 200.

These heights scaled, the English employment laws necessitated a return to the southern hemisphere. Justin went back via Paris where the love of his profession led him away from the tourist sights and into the kitchens of two of Paris’s greatest restaurants, 3 Michelin Starred Pierre Gagnaire and Guy Savoy-a real chefs holiday.

Justin then re-joined Liam Tomlin back in Sydney as Sous Chef at Banc Restaurant. During this time, Justin was invited to join a handful of world-renowned chefs at the MasterCard Cape Gourmet Festival in South Africa where he appeared on the Carlton Food Network, along with various cooking classes and demonstrations.

In November 2001 Justin left Banc after 2 years to open his own restaurant Bécasse in Surry Hills with his wife Georgia North.

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