Easy Japanese

by The Australian Women’s Weekly

ISBN-10: 1742450482
ISBN-13: 9781742450483
Region: Japan
Publisher: ACP Publishing
Publication Date: September, 2011
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About Easy Japanese

Publisher Web Link: http://www.australian-womens-weekly.com/

There is a general view that Japanese food is difficult to make and requires hard-to-find ingredients. Easy Japanese shows that just the opposite is true. The simple and elegant dishes in this book can easily be made at home using ingredients found in most supermarkets. There are delicious little starters (for many people the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine), plus main dishes made from poultry, seafood, beef, pork, noodles and vegetables. Also included is a useful illustrated glossary of Japanese ingredients.

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About The Australian Women’s Weekly

Author Web Link: http://aww.ninemsn.com.au/

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