The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook

by America’s Test Kitchen

ISBN-10: 1933615710
ISBN-13: 9781933615714
Region: USA
Publication Date: October, 2010
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About The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook

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Every Recipe from the Hit TV Show With Product Ratings and a Look Behind the Scenes, 2001-2011

Eleven years of foolproof cooking – in one complete volume

Americas Test Kitchen celebrates its eleventh year on the air. To commemorate this cooking milestone, we’re proud to announce the publication of America’s Test Kitchen: The Complete TV Show Cookbook.

In addition to featuring every recipe from the new 2011 season, it includes every recipe from every episode from all ten years- almost 700! This is the definitive book for every fan of the show. Chapters are organized by theme, so it is quick and easy to find any recipe you want, including IBringing Home Italian Favorites, It’s Grill Time, Roasts and More, Dinner at the Diner, Cookie Jar Favorites, One-Pot Dinners, Sides of Plenty, Tex-Mex Tonight, Let’s Do Takeout, Simply Chicken, and Pasta.

Money Saving Buying Guide

The included all-new Comprehensive Buying Guide features hundreds of the test kitchen’s winning food brands and cooking equipment, complete with up-to-date prices and model numbers. At a glance, you’ll be able to make informed purchasing decisions from a simple can of chicken broth to a feature-laden food processor.

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