The City Cook

by Kate McDonough

ISBN-10: 1439171998
ISBN-13: 9781439171998
Region: USA
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: November, 2010
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The City Cook: Big City, Small Kitchen. Limitless Ingredients, No Time. More than 90 recipes so delicious you'll want to toss your takeout menus

The City Cook is an elegantly simple and eminently practical guide to fitting great cooking into a busy life and a small kitchen, including more than 90 recipes from Kate McDonough, editor and founder of

Taking you from fishmonger to cheese merchant to greenmarket and then back to your own kitchen, The City Cook makes confident, cosmopolitan cooking effortless. You’ll learn how to find the best ingredients at specialty shops and farmers’ markets, how to curate an urban kitchen, and how to entertain in the city. It will be easy to resist takeout and mediocre restaurant meals with satisfying, pulled-from-the-pantry dishes such as Carrot and Chickpea Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette or Spaghetti with Tomato Paste and Garlic. Deceptively simple showstoppers like Green Beans with Tomatoes and Prosciutto, Salmon Cakes with Spicy Sriracha Mayonnaise, Broiled Black Cod with Miso, and Seared Duck Breasts with Port-Shallot Pan Sauce give you exciting weeknight options. Recipes for Bloody Mary Sorbet with Crab Salad Brioche, Simple Oven-Roasted Whole Duck, and Grand Marnier SoufflÉ give you an excuse to host a sumptuous supper for your friends. (

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Most of my career has been in corporate communications but my spare time was always spent in the kitchen.  I’d cook not just to make dinner but also to decompress from being around alpha males and females all day.  As my career progressed, so did my serious interest in cooking.  I began to take classes, subscribed to Cook’s Illustrated, spent Sunday afternoons watching Lidia on Channel 13, and loitered in Barnes & Noble’s cookbook aisles.  I finally crossed some kind of line when for a milestone birthday I gave myself a work sabbatical and spent three blissful and grueling months in The French Culinary Institute’s kitchens. 

I’ve been incredibly lucky to have also studied with Italian doyenne Marcella Hazan, the late great Jack Ubaldi in New York, and Faith Willinger in Florence.  And before launching The City Cook I put my pen on the cutting board by studying food writing with Alan Richman, a James Beard Foundation award-winning writer and restaurant critic.  

As I became a better cook I also became a really good grocery shopper.  I made friends with produce managers, butchers, and fish mongers who taught me how buying ingredients is as important as what we do with them.  Trolling markets across New York, I found amazing sources for ingredients that come from our local farmers as well as producers around the world.  I learned when an ingredient was precious, a good value, or just perfectly in season. As some NYC women can find the only Prada coat in an over-stuffed Loehmann’s (okay, I can do that, too) I can select the perfect red onion, know what to do with ramps, recognize perfectly fresh fish, could cover for most cheese mongers, and can track down verjus and bottarga. 

But it remains that I am an amateur with an over-committed urban life and a very small kitchen.  Knowing I’m not alone, I’ve put my knowledge, database and advocacy for home cooking together to create The City Cook -- a resource for New Yorkers (or those who shop here) who want to know where to get the best ingredients and how to have the most fun and success cooking at home. (

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