The Book of Tapas

by Simone Ortega, Inés Ortega

ISBN-10: 0714856134
ISBN-13: 9780714856131
Region: Spain
Publication Date: May, 2010
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About The Book of Tapas

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From the authors of the much-loved 1080 Recipes - the Spanish cooking bible by Simone and Inés Ortega - The Book of Tapas presents the collection of definitive recipes for everyone’s favourite type of Spanish food. From gambas al ajillo (garlic prawns) to tortilla española (Spanish omelette), it combines classic tapas dishes from 1080 Recipes with brand new recipes from the Ortegas, selected and introduced by renowned Spanish tapas chef José Andrés. (


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About Simone Ortega

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Simone Ortega has been writing about food for over fifty years and has become the foremost authority on traditional Spanish cooking. Generations of Spaniards have learned to cook through her books. Her daughter Inés Ortega has collaborated with her mother from a young age. (

Simone Ortega Klein (29 May 1919 – 2 July 2008), better known simply as Simone Ortega, was a bestselling Spanish culinary author. Born in Barcelona to a family originally from Alsace in France, she published her first and bestselling book 1080 recetas de cocina (republished in English as 1080 Recipes) in 1972. She was married to publisher José Ortega Spottorno, son of famous philosopher José Ortega y Gasset and founder of the Spanish daily newspaper El País, until his death in 2002.

Her bestselling book, 1080 recetas de cocina (1080 Recipes) has sold over two million copies in Spain since it was first published, and as of 2007 it is on its 48th updated edition there. In 1987 she was awarded the Spanish Special Prize of Gastronomy, following this up in 2006 with the Spain Food Awards Special Prize.

In awarding the latter prize, the jury spoke of an entire lifetime dedicated to advising and teaching consumers about good cooking and good cuisine, with special emphasis on the qualilty of national products. 2006 also saw the French government bestow the Order of Arts and Letters on Ortega at a special ceremony in Madrid, at which Ortega commented that “More than anything else, cuisine is what has brought France and Spain closer together”.

Aside from writing cookbooks, Ortega has a regular column in ¡Hola!, and is a frequent guest of various radio programmes. Her most recent books have been in collaboration with her daughter, Inés Ortega Klein, who has followed in the footsteps of her mother to become something of a celebrity chef and cookbook author.  (Wikipedia)

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