The Best-ever Book of Cakes

by Ann Nicol

ISBN-10: 0754820696
ISBN-13: 9780754820697
Region: British
Publisher: Lorenz Books
Publication Date: November, 2011
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About The Best-ever Book of Cakes

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This title offers 165 utterly irresistible and foolproof cakes to bake for every kind of occasion, from family tea parties to special celebrations, shown in 700 delectable photographs. Here is the ultimate recipe book for those who love to bake. It contains more than 160 recipes for a wide range of treats including classic recipes such as light and airy Victoria Sponge, sweet, moist and lightly spiced Carrot Cake and dense and sticky Gingerbread. There are simple cakes to rustle up quickly, and more complex variations that need time to mature, as well as celebration cakes on which to lavish attention. Fat-free, flour free and sugar free cakes are included too. Whether you’re a complete beginner about to make a first cake, or a seasoned professional, this beautiful book is packed with inspiring recipes as well as practical information. Each recipe of this title is illustrated with step-by-step instructions and photographs to describe how each cake should look at every stage of preparation. The 160 recipes include old-fashioned classics, with a whole chapter dedicated to chocolate cakes, as well as contemporary creations. There are recipes from around the world including Australia, America, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Germany, France, England, Austria and the Caribbean. This title includes cakes for celebration centrepieces such as summer garden parties, family gatherings, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas and Easter. There is a comprehensive introduction that details all the cake-making methods, and provides recipes for frostings, fillings and different topping ideas. Nutritional notes are provided for every recipe and include calorie count and fat content.

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About Ann Nicol

A cookery writer and expert on cake baking and decorating for many years, Ann Nicol has worked for a number of leading women’s magazines. As Cookery Editor of Best, and Home & Freezer Digest, Ann spent many years developing recipes and preparing beautiful food for photography but her flair for baking developed when she was Senior Home Economist for the major flour millers, Rank Hovis McDougall. Her baking books include Special Occasion Cakes (BEAP), Glorious Cakes (Letts), Fun Cakes (Letts), Children’s Party Cakes (Salamander), The Bread Cookbook (Salamander), A Passion for Chocolate (IMP), and 100 Great Baking Recipes (D&S).

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