by Brent Savage

ISBN-10: 1741968178
ISBN-13: 9781741968170
Region: Australia
Publisher: Murdoch Books
Publication Date: November, 2010
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Bentley Cookbook By Brent Savage Creative young chef Brent Savage receives rave reviews for his hot Sydney restaurant — Bentley Restaurant & Bar. Brent’s globally influenced, cutting-edge food is often described as ‘art on a plate’. This book - Bentley Cookbook, reveals the secrets behind his creations in an accessible, engaging manner, and it will inspire the spirational home cook, the apprentice chef and the seasoned professional alike. With step-by-step photography and instructions on modern cooking techniques, such as sous vide (cooking in the bag), replicating the dishes in the home kitchen with professional flair is guaranteed. Recipes include tapas, entrées, mains, desserts and cocktails to wow.

Brent Savage and Nick Hildebrandt opened Bentley Bar & Restaurant in 2006 and were immediately awarded 2 chef hats by the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide and 2 stars by the Australian Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide - both of which they still hold.

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About Brent Savage

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Head chef Brent Savage and award-winning sommelier Nick Hildebrandt opened Bentley Restaurant & Bar in 2006, which has been recognised by the likes of Australian Gourmet Traveller and the Sydney Morning Herald critics as one of the most dynamic eating and drinking experiences in the country. In the 2007 Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide, Simon Thomsen described Savage`s food as "visually astonishing" and a "deliciously wild ride".

 Savage started his career working in the Blue Mountains under Phillip Searle of Vulcan`s before moving to Sydney to work at Marque Restaurant. From there he left to open Andrew McConnell`s Mrs Jones before returning to Sydney where he was employed as head Chef at Moog Wine + Food. During his time here Savage created a reputation for creating modern, cutting edge food that later contributed to him being named the SMH `chef of the year`.

Savage has a unique cooking style combining modern techniques with the diverse flavours of Australian produce. With a particular emphasis on contrast using flavour and texture, the balance of Savage`s food is both exciting and innovative.

Savage will release his first cookbook `Bentley - Contemporary Cuisine` in November 2010. (

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