Beard On Bread

by James Beard

ISBN-10: 0679755047
ISBN-13: 9780679755043
Region: USA
Publisher: Knopf
Publication Date: February, 1995
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In the 1960s, whole grains and homemade bread served as a political symbol of the health food/ecological/back-to-the-earth movements. By the next decade, whenBeard on Bread was published, Americans had grown increasingly interested in the delicious breads of Europe. Like so many of Beard’s books, Beard on Bread was “both a harbinger of the culinary renaissance and fuel for the flames,” according bread baker/cookbook author Peter Reinhart, who recollected it as an “icon” of the period. “His book was a must for any of us making bread.” Several of us at the Foundation still talk about (and bake) Beard’s anadama loaf and his banana bread.Beard on Bread was reprinted seven times in its first year, sold more than 264,340 copies, and was Beard’s best-selling book in his lifetime, according to Ferrone. (

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