American Vintage : The Rise of American Wine

by Paul Lukacs

ISBN-10: 0395914787
ISBN-13: 9780395914786
Region: USA
Publication Date: November, 2000
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About American Vintage : The Rise of American Wine

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Winner of the James Beard Foundation, International Association of Culinary Professionals, and Clicquot Wine Book of the Year awards

How did a country with no winemaking traditions of its own suddenly become a world leader? Paul Lukacs offers a full history, from seventeenth-century experiments to the fall of wine during the dark days of Prohibition through its remarkably rapid upswing in recent decades. The tale is replete with quirky heroes and visionaries who changed the course of wine history: from Nicholas Longsworth, a diminutive, nineteenth-century real estate tycoon and the founding father of American wine, to the Mondavis and Gallos, the powerful first families of American wine in the modern era.


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About Paul Lukacs

Paul Lukacs  writes regularly about wine for the Washington Times and is chair of the English department at Loyola College in Maryland. He lives in Baltimore.

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