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The past several years have been spent chasing my two very active children around and in my spare time writing a bread book. Long before I had children or wrote a book and while studying art at the University of Vermont, I started a cookie company as a way to earn extra money. I baked outrageous gourmet cookies in my boyfriend Graham’s apartment, sold them from a beautiful vending cart he made me and established a few wholesale accounts.

I married Graham, how could I refuse a man who could build things (he created this website). We traveled through Europe eating pastries for our honeymoon and then finally settled in Minnesota. I worked in a couple of kitchens but decided I needed more formal training and headed off to the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in New York. Since then I’ve been a pastry chef at several Twin Cities’ restaurants. I got to work with some of the finest talent this town has seen including Steven Brown at The Local, Andrew Zimmern at Bravo and a whole host of fantastic chefs at the D’Amico company. I was doing what I loved and Rick Nelson of the Minneapolis Star Tribune even called my desserts “endlessly delicious… the best in town… appealing, inventive and flat-out gorgeous…” What more could I ask for? Kids!

I began teaching others baking at Cooks of Crocus Hill In 1997. I was once asked to teach Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty how to bake christmas cookies on the local NBC affiliate KARE 11-TV. That was my 15 minutes of fame, well more like five. It was great fun but the most exciting event was when I was invited to participate in the Baking and Pastry Arts Invitational Retreat for America’ s leading pastry chefs, sponsored by the CIA and Food Arts Magazine. There I met and worked with the leading pastry chefs in the country, a dream come true!

In addition to writing, teaching and consulting to restaurants, I also create artful desserts and custom wedding cakes. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Graham and two sons, my best creations yet! I can be reached at zoe@zoebakes.com.   (http://zoebakes.com/)

Website: http://zoebakes.com/

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