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Having spent much of my youth running around the Americas and southern Europe trying to improve my languages and work out what on earth I wanted to do with my life, I finally met Clarissa Dickson Wright on a catwalk of all places. She told me to stop examining my tummy button and follow my passion for food.

I dutifully went off and started a course at Ballymaloe where I developed my passion for produce, ingredients and markets. I went on to spend a short spell making Gubbeen cheese out in Schull, West Cork and travelled around Ireland with Clodagh McKenna, selling homemade pasta, sauces and sourdough breads that we’d make all night to sell all day. It was sheer bliss.

Reality bit though and back to London I went where I managed the shop, Villandry and spent two years creating and editing a book called Soup Kitchen, which raised money for homeless charities and nearly killed me and my partner, Annabel Buckingham in the process.

Mexico came next, where the sheer biodiversity and colour of the food markets hooked me from the word go, let alone all the wonderful, regional recipes. Then Masterchef, and an unexpected and breath-taking win, then a stint at Petersham Nurseries under the stunning cooking of Skye Gyngell. Now Wahaca takes up a large part of my time when I am not writing or doing any TV. Wahaca is a restaurant cooking street food inspired by the food markets of Mexico, using free-range, British meat, sustainable fish and recycling everything down to its food waste. I support NABMA, the National Association for British Market Authorities too; we are trying to get the government to lend more planning and logistical support to them which in turn will help unemployment, sustainability, a better community spirit, get people more into food and cooking and cut down on packaging.

I write for the Times on Saturday and occasionally for the Observer, the Sun, Sainsbury’s Magazine and the Financial Times. Cook was my first solo book which came out in 2005 with Harper Collins, Wild Gourmets came out with my Channel 4 programme under the same name and my latest, Mexican Food Made Simple, comes out in March 2010.

I love food, travelling, dancing, music, shooting, fishing, swimming, tennis, travelling, cycling and being laughed at by everyone who knows me (it invariably happens). (


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