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Growing up in the Arab eastern part of Jerusalem, Sami has been immersed in food from childhood and is one of the very rare fortunate beings that knew very early in life where their future lies.

Witnessing both his parents cook traditional Palestinian dishes with great care and fervour, Sami set out on his own culinary path as a young teenager. He started as a comis chef in a Jerusalem hotel and worked his way up, through many restaurants and ethnic traditions, to become head chef of Lilith, one of the top restaurants in Tel Aviv, in the 90’s. He move to London in 1997 and spent a long period in Baker and Spice, where he re-invented the traiteur section implementing his identifiable cooking style: vibrant, bold yet simple and honest. He brought that with him to Ottolenghi, where he is a partner and the company’s head chef.



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