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The name is a culinary legend. Michel with his older brother Albert arrived in England in 1971 to open the original Le Gavroche Restaurant in Lower Sloane Street. The address was imprinted immediately onto the gourmets and gourmands across the country. By 1972 when they opened The Waterside Inn, they had another 3 restaurants in London, each a landmark in a city not then known for fine dining. Between them they have trained over 800 young chefs many of whom are now also legendary.  Since 1984 the Roux Scholarship is undoubtedly considered the ultimate British competition for chefs.  The Roux Scholar 2010 is Kenneth Culhane.

They were the first to sponsor young chefs into their own business, among them being Pierre Koffman at La Tante Claire and Christian Germain at Chateau de Montreuil in France. They were unique benefactors, as they not only organised the backers, personally guaranteed the chef’s bank loan, but wrote in the contract that no shareholder could refuse to sell their shares back to the Chef Patron!

Today the sons run the flagships. Albert’s son, Michel Roux Jnr at Le Gavroche and Michel’s son Alain is Chef Patron of The Waterside Inn.  (http://www.waterside-inn.co.uk/)
Website: http://www.waterside-inn.co.uk/

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