Fizz Carr

Author Profile

Fizz was born and brought up in Sussex. After graduating from Exeter University she was runner up in the annual Vogue talent contest for young writers; she then worked in London for several years in magazine publishing.

After starting a family, with the birth of twins in 1992, she moved back to the South Downs to farm with her husband Stephen. Fizz is a passionate advocate of animal welfare and regularly holds farm visits for schools. Through her contact with children she has become painfully aware of how little so many young people know about the food that they eat, how it is produced and where it comes from. As an active member of her local branch of the European Movement, she would like to see a more ambitious legislative program to improve the welfare standards of animals on EU farms.

Fizz has five daughters - Charlotte, Georgie, Joey, Mattie and Ted - all of whom are enthusiastic about food and cooking.



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