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David Sax is a deli fanatic, whose yearning for the salted, cured meats traces back to friday nights at Yitz’s in Toronto. Further back he can trace deli lineage to his father’s childhood in Montreal, and his grandfather’s childhood in Romania.

By trade David is a journalist, writing for publications such as New York Magazine, VanityFair.com, GQ, Portfolio, the Walrus, and Toronto Life. His website www.davidsax.ca features his non-deli work (which is decidedly less delicious).

Currently David is writing a book on the decline of the Jewish delicatessen, to be published on October 19th, 2009 by McLelland and Stewart (Canada) and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (USA). Over the course of the past few years he’s toured the world, interviewing deli owners and famous deli lovers (like Ed Koch, Ruth Reichel and Mel Brooks), tried his hand cutting sandwiches at Katz’s, and voyaged to the heart of deli country, whether New York, LA, Montreal, Paris, London, or Poland.

Website: http://www.savethedeli.com/

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