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My career started with a hand-written recipe for the tiny cocoa-dusted chocolate truffles given to me by my Paris landlady in l973. I went on to make and sell those pure bittersweet truffles at the Pig by the Tail Charcuterie (a distant fond memory now) across the street from Chez Panisse in Berkeley CA in l973. This led to the accidental invention of the much larger so called “American” chocolate truffle (hand-dipped in un-tempered chocolate!) and the opening of my own chocolate dessert shop, Cocolat, in l976. Since the Cocolat days, I’ve written 7 cookbooks –the 8th to be published this fall—and won three cookbook of the year awards, taught cooking classes across the country, consulted with venerable chocolate companies as well as the newest cutting–edge chocolate entrepreneurs, appeared on TV with our beloved Julia Child and more. Today I continue to write, consult, teach, and experiment. I’m still learning and still having fun. (


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