Using the Cookbook Recipe Database

The Cookbook Recipe Database is a free site where cooks, both amateur and professional, can easily search though the recipe indexes within a large collection of cookbooks. The site contains some complete recipes but it is not a source for every recipe in every cookbook. It is a reference to find them, so if you are looking for a certain recipe within a book in your library, or one you would like to own, then this site will help you find it.

Searching for Recipes and Cookbooks

When searching for Recipes simply enter any keyword in the Find a Recipe search field. At the bottom of the search area is a box that will show you how many results you can expect based on your keyword entry, so if there are too many results you may want to narrow your search by entering additional keywords, or by also selecting an Author, Region, Course, or Diet/Seasonal.

When searching for Cookbooks just enter a keyword in the Find a Cookbook search field (book or author) or search the drop down menus for Title, Author, Region or Diet/Seasonal. When selecting an individual cookbook it will display the Full Recipe Index and also Additional Information such as Publisher and Author details, associated links, and additional books by the same Author.

 Indicates recipe index

 Indicates video content 

 Indicates some complete recipes 

About “My Cookbooks”, “My Recipes”, “My CBRDB”, and “My Profile”

If you are a registered user you can create your own My Cookbooks and My Recipes list from the books in the database. Next to each book you can check the My Cookbook field and then each book will be added to your personal list, you will then have the ability to customize your searches to your own collection. Similarly, next to each recipe you can check the My Recipes field to create your own list of favorite recipes. My CBRDB will display your My Cookbooks and My Recipes information, and your personal My Profile page.

Adding comments and ratings to recipes

Registered Users can review and rate each recipe contained within any of the books in Cookbook Recipe Database. It could be something you made recently, or something you remember making some time ago, but adding your comments and ratings will help you create your own list of favorite recipes in your My Recipes list. Your reviews and rankings will also help other users when they are searching and comparing recipes they may not have tried before.

Adding you own cookbook recipe index to the Cookbook Recipe Database

We are continually adding cookbooks to the Cookbook Recipe Database but if you can’t find a book you have there are two options for you to consider. Option 1. Click Contact on the Home Page, let us know the title of the book, and we will add it as soon as we can. Option 2. You can enter the recipe index yourself by letting us know the cookbook. We shall enter the Title, Author, codes, and all other related information, and then send you detailed instructions so you can enter the recipe index. Accuracy is of the utmost importance to us so the index will not go live until we are satisfied that all the recipes are correct. When you receive the instructions please read them carefully.

Please enjoy using the Cookbook Recipe Database and send us any comments and suggestions you may have.